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Finding the right product for your federal and state returns can be a challenging feat if you are not familiar with tax return software on the market these days.

There is a lot to choose from and a lot to take in when you review tax programs. But don't be mislead, the best choice is to stay with the market leaders. This is something that holds true through review after review.

Today's tax programs offer support for:

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Free Tax Return Software

For simple tax filing you can't get much better than free tax preparation, and our top picks have just the product for you. Both H&R Block and TurboTax offer free simple edition tax preparation and free e-filing for federal returns. These free online tax filing programs are designed for simple returns that don't require special forms for investments. On the down side, neither of these have import capabilities so you will have to re-enter all your personal data each year.


Simple Tax Preparation: Easy interview processes in today's tax return software programs will quickly move you along with preparing your return.  They eliminate areas of preparation that don't pertain to your filing situation which speeds up the process considerably. This is a great feature with these two top selling brands, as it saves time and energy that generally gets wasted with other less developed brands. Today's top picks are a great way to ease the tension of tax preparation all while completing your return quicker, and guaranteeing you the biggest refund possible.


HR Block Tax Return SoftwareOnline Tax Return Software

Internet based tax preparation is becoming more popular every year. There are some serious benefits to preparing your return online. 1) never worry about your computer crashing and loosing all your work. 2) You can work on your return from anywhere you have a computer with internet access. 3) Superior support options include forums, FAQ databases and live community support. 4) Your documents are stored safe and secure online for you anytime you need them.


Income Tax Return Software

Federal and state tax preparation can be time consuming and stressful, but our featured software brands insure you the best stress free income tax preparation experience. Federal income tax filing is pretty much required for all of us but, state filing is not something that everyone has to do. With these product lines you can purchase federal only or, federal and state packages together, an option that can save you money.


TurboTax Tax Return SoftwareCompare Software Brands: Compare TaxBrain, TaxAct, CompleteTax and other software programs to TurboTax or HR Block and what you will find is that there really isn't much for competition against these two top contenders. Simply put, they are far ahead of the pack on development and dependability which certainly makes them the best tax return software choices for simple easy to use software products.


Finding the right software edition is easier than ever. Simple comparison charts help you decide what you need your income tax product to do. Rules of thumb are:

  • Free Editions are great choices for simple filing needs with no investments.

  • Basic Editions allow importing data from previous years and additional support.

  • Deluxe Editions are great choices for home ownership, family and education or medical filing needs, as well as charity and deductions support.

  • Premium or Premier Editions are more advanced products that work well for traders, investors, property owners and special forms filing for those with more complicated filing needs. Picking the right edition will ensure you a filing experience that can save you a lot of time and frustration.

  • Home + Business Editions are the best of both worlds and include the premium or premier editions as well as small and home business tax return software.



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