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Importing Your 1099 Into TurboTax

TurboTax offers the option to import your 1099 form directly into TurboTax® tax software programs directly from your participating institution.

When asked by TurboTax® "How do you want to enter your 1099 into your tax return?" select the radio button that says "Import from my bank or brokerage" and select your participating institution from the list below. Once selected, you can enter your User ID and Password.

Your 1099 data is generally available for import around mid February. With all the variables in 1099's not all are available for import.

1099 Forms That Can Be Imported Into TurboTax

Limitations exist, you can import this data into TurboTax, provided your brokerage or financial institution is a participating TurboTax import Partner.

1099 Forms That Can't Be Imported Into TurboTax

These 1099 forms cannot be imported:

How To Import Your 1099 Into TurboTax

You can also jump straight to this import section by searching using the "1099 form" keywords in TurboTax and then click the Jump to link from search results when they are presented.

Your 1099 should be ready for import by early February, so long as your bank or brokerage is a participating TurboTax import Partner. If not available at that time, the availability date your bank or brokerage provides will be displayed.