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Consumer Beware TurboTax Phishing 2019 - 2020

Tax season can present a number of challenges that need to be tackled when reporting your income, and taking advantage of tax deductions. However, the challenges don't end there. With the ever growing connectivity of the internet and smart phone technology, security issues are on the rise!

There have already been several issues of TurboTax Phishing Attacks and no doubt we will be seeing more this tax season. The bad guys just don't take a break and it's up to each of us to question, and critique shady looking marketing ploys, emails, and posts.

These culprits attempt to get your Accounting or HR team to supply W-2s for all employees, but that does not mean they don't target employees.

Expect this type of phishing to present itself in the office, at home, and on the go through your Smartphone, tablets and PC's. With current and future phishing scams on the rise, it's important to warn employees, friends and family about properly detecting corrupt marketing ploys.

TurboTax Phishing Attacks Take Place Over The Internet, Smartphone's, Postal Mail... Everywhere!

TurboTax is a very popular site for online tax preparation and the hacks are always on the prowl with massive campaigns that have the look alike and feel of authentic TurboTax solicitations.

Trigger terms include subjects like "important privacy changes". They try to get you to click an "opt out" link for having their personal information shared, which is nothing more than a shady trick.

Keep an eye on the ball, when you click a link like the banner above, make sure the landing page is a turbotax.com url landing page, if not, do NOT proceed! That's the best tip of the day...

If Unsolicited TurboTax Ploys Come To You, Buyer Beware! A Scam Most Likely Exists

Email phishing scams look like real TurboTax marketing promotions but buyer beware. Malware and other malicious codes can steal your identification information from your phone or computer if your not careful.

Tips For Avoiding TurboTax Phishing Scams:

Report TurboTax Phishing Scams ASAP

Emails and other marketing solicitations that look like they come from TurboTax, that claim your email address, name, or password were changed should be a RED FLAG! Examples include:

These scams often state that if you did not request the change, you should click a link to the TurboTax security team. In this case you can simply log into your TurboTax Account and if all goes well, well obviously nothing was ever changed so report that solicitation.

Forward any suspicious emails (with the email headers intact, if possible) to spoof@intuit.com. Then TurboTax will take the necessary actions to warn others and stop the scam if possible.

Bottom line, think twice, if it's a unprovoked solicitation, stay away!