TurboTax Tax Tools, Guides, and Products, 2019 - 2020

TurboTax.Com: Their Associated Websites And Domains

When you think of TurboTax, you're really looking at a entity that is a part of the parent company known as Intuit. TurboTax.Com itself is an American tax preparation software product that was originally developed by Michael A. Chipman of Chipsoft in the mid-1980s. The current parent company of TurboTax, Intuit, acquired San Diego based Chipsoft in 1993.

Sub-domains that Market the TurboTax.Com Product Line and Online Tax Preparation Services.

There are many variation that intuit uses to market the TurboTax product line and in turn saturate the market in order do dominate online search results.

Intuit Inc. is a U.S. based software company that develops financial and tax preparation software along with related services for individuals, accountants, and small businesses. While TurboTax.Com is its biggest producing entity, many of their other products they are still significant parts of intuit. The intuit company is incorporated in Delaware, and its headquarters is located in Mountain View California.

Intuit Sub Domains Related to the Development of Products along with Community Support

TurboTax is the most widely known asset and holding of intuit. However, many of their other products work as support mechanisms to the TurboTax.Com product line to help manage personal and business financial assets.

Today TurboTax.Com holds the #1 rating in online tax preparation sales. This along with other intuit support products form a network of financial management suites that include:

Intuit TurboTax.Com Finance Related Support Tools

Wit the help of these financial products TurboTax.Com continues to dominate the sales and customer satisfaction charts every year. Intuit Inc. continues to be a leading provider of financial management, income tax, and online banking solutions for consumers.

Intuit's Growth Rates Continues to Climb Rapidly

In fiscal year 2009, revenue totaled $3.1 billion, growing by a compound annual growth rate of 14 percent over the previous eight years.

Moving forward to 2019, Intuit continued the strong growth rate as they implemented strategic goals to be the operating system of choice behind small business success. Reported revenue for Intuit's fiscal 2019 came in at $4.7 billion, up 12 percent from the previous year. This included TurboTax.Com Online unit sales growing 15 percent and total TurboTax overall units growing 12 percent.

Looking forward, Intuit plans to continue building on this success in the fiscal 2020 tax year. By taking the consumer's perspective and focusing on ease-of-use, their operating principles are to deliver double-digit organic revenue growth while offering the best choices for personal and business financial management and organization.

Capturing Financial Markets With Software Products

Now working into their fourth decade, Intuit is creating a greater array of "Right for Me" customer-driven products and services to help manage a broader array of small businesses. Businesses ranging from construction sites to retail stores can find support in helping manage projects and books, track sales and monitor inventories.

They cover the diverse financial market in real estate, at Fortune 500 companies, in accounting offices, property managers, corporate workgroups and accountants serving their clients. They also provide the most popular do-it-yourself payroll service in the United States.

Support for health care companies helps to simplify the way millions of Americans manage their health and medical expenses, along with helping consumers balance their checkbook or complete their tax return as that annual July 15 deadline looms. Try the best tax return software and see for yourself why TurboTax.Com is the leader in online tax preparation and filing.